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The aim of GUSIP (Guidance on the USability of a Inspection Procedure) is a comprehensive study to design and organise information to assist research, reading, understanding and execution, to identify shortcomings in the existing inspection procedure and create an optimised version of future procedure.

  • Structure the document to promote the location of information,
  • Provide information corresponding to the level of user knowledge,
  • Use salient titles, clear and precise to facilitate the search for information and allow control of execution,
  • Combine different formats to allow the construction of a more elaborate representation, to help the user to perform a selective review of the document based on a specific purpose and quickly locate the data sought by the presence of clues:
    • Spatial arrangement of the information,
    • Presence of elements indicating the organisation of the document (summary, tabs, …),
    • The presence of visual clues (images)

Not forgetting that, involving NDT engineers during the development and qualification phase, allows for timely development of any new techniques required and optimisation of inspection both during manufacturing and in-service.  but it’s important to assess and take in account the environment and the skillfulness of the personnel in charge to implement on site (time or production pressure, inappropriate procedures or leadership as well as conflicting goals can lead inspectors to perform their inspection task in an unplanned manner) .

The project would begin with a review of the current state of the art of the different practices and identify the key aspects of these systems that would determine the future improvement. This would comprise:

  • a review of the different practices in the community of ENIQ
  • the needs of the different partners (Utilities, Providers, IQB)to write a draft of a “good” Inspection Procedure
  • a proposal of a template for a guideline based on the “good” procedure

The output of the project would be an ENIQ (NUGENIA) Recommended Practice that would be used by inspection designers and qualification bodies. A project duration of 24 months is necessary, given the ambitions of the project. The ENIQ frame guarantees a European deployment of the obtained results.


The project aims to produce a Recommended ENIQ Practice Guideline at the end of the 2-year term. As an intermediate delivery a progress report is proposed at the end of the first year.

  • WP1:  Benchmark to the October meeting 2016
  • WP2 : A final version of a good IP at spring meeting 2017
  • WP3 : Final report and new RP at spring meeting 2018


2016 till 2018


Organisations active in NUGENIA TA8 Sub-area Qualification are expected to participate.


Download factsheet (pdf)


Contact person: Eienne Martin, EDF Ceidre (France) and  Tommy  Zettervall ; SQC (Sweden)


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