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MURECThe European Methodology for inspection qualification was initially designed as a framework that would enable each country to establish its own detailed practices that match the specific national requirements (regulatory, plant type, resources, etc.). Whilst being extremely successful in achieving this objective, the inevitable specific nature of the qualification processes has introduced significant obstacles in the ability to transport qualifications between countries. For example, in-service inspection (ISI) vendors that have qualified their inspection systems in one country are then required to repeat the qualifications in another country, even if the plant is similar. Consequently, one of the major tasks faced by NUGENIA TA8 (ENIQ) is to understand the technical barriers that preclude the transport of qualifications between countries and to overcome these and this is the aim of the project.


To understand the technical barriers that preclude the transport of qualifications between countries a survey was conducted in TA8 SAQ. One representative of each country that is active in TA8, either from a utility of inspection qualification body (IQB), had to answer a questionnaire on how ISI qualifications are performed in its country. The questionnaire covered the following aspects:

  • General aspects, i.e. if and how ENIQ methodology is applied, other standards beside ENIQ methodology
  • Legal and regulatory requirements
  • IQB requirements
  • Test pieces and practical trials
  • Use of modelling in ISI qualification
  • Utilising foreign validations
  • Personnel qualification

14 countries responded to the questionnaire, but some questions were answered quite differently. Thus questionnaire was refined with focus on questions relevant for transfer of qualifications between countries and answers for one country were provided to give other countries idea on what information is required and with what depth in the answers. The answers to the refined questionnaire were received and will be summarised in an overview matrix, which will be made available to TA8 members only. However, more documents, publically available ones might be issued.


  • Answers of 14 countries to initial survey
  • ENIQ position paper « Guidance on the Specification of Input Parameters to Inspection and Inspection Qualification Requirements”, ENIQ publication no. 50, December 2014
  • Summary of received answers to refined survey


1 October 2013 – 30 September 2016
3 years


Members of the NUGENIA TA8 – ENIQ Senior Advisory Group 


Technical Project Leader: Tommy Zettervall (SQC)


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