NUGENIA+: EU Nuclear Public Engagement Toolkit


This task, under Work Package 2 in the NUGENIA+ project, has three principal objectives:

  1. Testing the outworking of the UK’s ‘Nuclear Energy and Society Concordat for Public Engagement’ in Finland, France and Germany;
  2. Develop an ‘EU Nuclear Public Engagement Toolkit’ based on the UK’s Concordat and supporting materials, which will enable NUGENIA members to engage effectively with the public/civil society on key nuclear issues;
  3. Providing options for hosting and dissemination of the toolkit to allow the public perception of nuclear in Europe to be assessed.

The project assesses the applicability of the principles for public engagement developed as part of the UK focused Nuclear Energy and Society Concordat (agreement) for Public Engagement in a European context. Case studies will be developed working in partnership between UK and selected European countries through UK National Nuclear Laboratory representatives undertaking visits to meet stakeholders in Finland, France and Germany as a ‘fact-finding’ exercise. Stakeholders invited to participate in the study include industry communications professionals and representatives from NUGENIA, academia and Non-Governmental Organisations. Meetings with stakeholders in each country will be used to discuss how the UK’s Concordat and supporting materials for public engagement with nuclear issues could be adapted for use in each country and to learn about public engagement practice in each country (including good and poor practices). The output of the meetings will be used to assess the applicability of the UK Concordat principles for use in a European context, and an ‘EU Nuclear Public Engagement Toolkit’ will be developed for use by NUGENIA members and EU member states. Options for suitable hosting platforms for the toolkit will be identified and assessed to allow the public perception of nuclear power in Europe to be evaluated and the information disseminated to the appropriate audiences. Recommendations will be given for where the toolkit should be hosted and how it should be disseminated across EU nuclear nations.


1 April 2016 – 30 September 2016


Technical Project Lead: Reuben Holmes,


Work Package 2 – Preparation for H2020 and beyond
Task 2.2.2., D2.7: Establishment of the joint political and civil society advisory group
Active contributors: AMEC, ANP-F, CEA, EDF, IRSN, LGI, NNL, SCK-CEN, UJV, VTT.




‘Nuclear Energy and Society Concordat for Public Engagement’ – a .pdf can be downloaded from either of the links below.