FP7NUGENIA+ supports the NUGENIA Association for the management of research in the development and safety of Generation II and III nuclear installations and for administrative and strategic structuring for the EU Framework Programme for Research & Innovation Horizon2020 and beyond.

The objective of the NUGENIA+ project is to support the NUGENIA Association in its role to coordinate and integrate European research on safety of the Gen II and III nuclear installations in order to better ensure their safe long term operation, integrating private and public efforts, and initiating international collaboration that will create added value in its activity fields.

The project consists of two parts, the first part being a Coordination and Support Action and the second part a Collaborative Project. The aim of the first part, the Coordination and Support Action, is to establish an efficient, transparent and high quality management structure to carry out the planning and management of R&D including project calls, proposal evaluation, project follow-up, dissemination and valorisation of R&D results in the area of safety of existing Gen II and future Gen III nuclear installations.

The preparatory work will encompass governance, organisational, legal and financial work, as well as the establishment of annual work plans, with the aim to structure public-public and/or private-public joint programming enabling NUGENIA to develop into the integrator of the research in the respective field in Europe. The management structure will build on the existing organisation of the NUGENIA Association, currently grouping over 80 nuclear organisations from research and industry (utilities, vendors and small and medium enterprises) active in R&D.

In the second part, the Collaborative project, one thematic call for research proposals will be organized among the technical areas of plant safety and risk assessment, severe accident prevention and management, core and reactor performance, integrity assessment of systems, structures and components, innovative Generation III design and harmonisation of procedures and methods.

The call will take place one year after the start of the project. The call will implement the priorities recognised in the NUGENIA Roadmap, in line with the Sustainable Nuclear Energy Technology Platform (SNETP) and International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) strategies. The research call which is going to be organised within the project is open to all eligible organisations.

The NUGENIA+ project will benefit from the experience of the NUGENIA Association member organisations on managing national research programmes and from the track record of the NUGENIA project portfolio.

Contact details

Coordinator: Dr. Eija Karita Puska
EC Project Officer: Dr. Panagiotis Manolatos


EU Nuclear Public Engagement Toolkit

As part of the NUGENIA+ project, an EU Nuclear Public Engagement Toolkit is being developed for use by NUGENIA members and EU Member States.
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  • THEME [Fission-2013-2.1.1] [Preparatory Phase (PP) in support to an efficient EU integrated research programme on safety of existing nuclear installations]
  • Duration in months: 36
  • Call (part) identifier:FP7-Fission-2013
  • Project number: 604965
  • Grant agreement for: Combination of CP & CSA*
  • Grant agreement no: 604965


WP1 – Framework planning

  • Coordinate priorities with national research efforts and private-public initiatives
  • Prepare Annual framework plans with prioritised R&D topics

WP2 – Preparation for H2020 and beyond

  • Identify national public and private R&D programmes until 2020 and beyond
  • Evaluate feasibility of joint co-programming
  • Map relevant financial sources and instruments
  • Assess and adapt NUGENIA’s governance and administration

Access information on EU Nuclear Public Engagement Toolkit produced in WP2 >

WP3 – Infrastructures & skills

  • Map and analyse critical R&D competences and skills
  • Produce NUGENIA resource map
  • Evaluate the opportunity of NUGENIA excellence centers labeling
  • Facilitate access to some key R&D infrastructures

WP4 – Interactions & dissemination

  • Increase interactions and cooperation with relevant stakeholders worldwide
  • Build an online NUGENIA Library with several levels of restricted access
  • Launch the NUGENIA School to attract young scientists and engineers
  • Consolidate and improve public communication and events organisation 

Work packages: objectives and outcome

WP5 – Monitoring and valorisation of the NUGENIA portfolio

  • Support the running of the NUGENIA project creation process
  • Drive the NUGENIA project cycle monitoring
  • Assure appropriate valorisation of the NUGENIA portfolio outputs

WP6 – Research & development

  • Funding of selected R&D projects following the call and the established evaluation process

WP7 – Coordination

  • Overall NUGENIA+ project coordination and management
  • Arrangements for launching call for R&D projects
  • Organisation of call evaluation